Brief Introduction of Rice Husk to Charcoal Carbonization Machine

Rice husk to charcoal production equipment is a great machine that was developed to make better use of rice husk. It carbonize risk husk to rice husk carbon, which can be further processed into activated carbon. The carbonizing furnace utilizes the latest technologies to come out with an efficient machine that maximize carbonization ratio as well as shorten the carbonizing time. The rice husk carbonizer produces briquette under temperature and pressure.

Rice Husk to Charcoal Carbonization Machine
Rice Husk to Charcoal Carbonization Machine

The raw materials used in rice husk to charcoal carbonation include sawdust, maize stalks, rice husk, bamboo, sugar cane bagasse, coffee husk wood chips, agro-waste, wood waste, paddy straw, crop stalk, forestry waste, tea waste, rape stalks, among others. All the raw material should have a moisture content of less that 12% and has a size of less than 6 mm.

The output of the carbonized rice hull production line:

The result of rice husk to charcoal carbonization process is a biomass briquette. The density of the resulting biomass briquette mainly depends on amount of temperature applied and the pressure used. The high the temperature and pressure the high the density of the biomass briquette produce. The output biomass briquette can be round, hexagon, round, square, etc, depending on the machine used. The output of the process is powerful fuel that can be used as source of heat in power plant, boiler and other industries that require heating.

Features of a charcoal production equipment is a powerful machine that combine different waste material under high temperature of about 300 oC and high pressure to produce high valued energy product. The machine is very quality and features some replaceable parts that may wear out along-time use, which include mold, heating ring and propeller. It is advisable to replace the propeller at least once in six months and replace the mold once in about 8 months.

Features of rice husk charcoal briquette making machine:

– It a high quality machine that features high stable performance with reasonable design that ensure high efficiency and ease of use- It feature automatic operation system that enable automatic performance after setting variable such as temperature and pressure.

– Adjustable shapes of output briquette, which is possible using different molds- Rice husk charcoal furnace briquettes are charcoal that can be used in carbonization furnaceAdvantages of Rice Husk to Charcoal Carbonization Machine:

rice hull charcoal
rice hull charcoal

In this brief introduction of rice husk to charcoal carbonization machine let see advantages of the Rice Suck to Charcoal Carbonization machine.

i. Continuous system: The machine combines the traditional design with the current technology to come up high efficient carbonation furnace. The modern machine carbonizes the rice husk sufficiently, unlike the earlier models.

ii. Small energy usage: modern rice husk to charcoal carbonization machine is very efficient in terms of energy use. Furthermore, the modern machine does not release combustible gases in to the environment but instead recycle the gases into the firepot.

iii. Green and environmental protection: the rice husk machine has adopted the advance mode of water-film dust collection and it filters particles and noxious substance in fume produced during carbonization process. This ensures that meet all the strict set environmental regulations. Here to view more: Https://

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