Choosing High Quality Self Loading Concrete Mixer for the Job?

The cement mixer combines cement, sand or gravel and water to make concrete. If you’re planning on doing some cementing you could either rent or buy a one. If you’re going to be doing a lot of cementing, over time, it might be best actually to go ahead and buy one rather than renting. New, High Quality Self Loading Concrete Mixer can be purchased for around $400, and second-hand ones can often be found for only $200. It costs about $50 to rent a self loading concrete mixer for a day. If you are likely to be using it more than four times in a couple of years, it would probably be worth your while to buy a second-hand mixer, if you can afford to outlay that much at one time.

If you are building foundations for construction, laying a new driveway or patio or performing any other job that requires a bulk quantity of concrete, the chances are that you may be considering hiring an industrial grade concrete mixer to save time and labor. These handy tools are available at affordable day rates and can save you a back-breaking task trying to mix concrete by hand. But what type of machine is best suited to the job at hand?


The bigger the job, the bigger the machine
It’s an obvious point perhaps, but the first thing you should consider when choosing a concrete mixer is how big the job is, what bulk of concrete is required and what size machine do you need to cope with the volume? Portable mini-concrete mixers are ideal for smaller jobs and are the High Quality Self Loading Concrete Mixer available, but you shouldn’t scrimp on cost if for example, you are laying extensive foundations. Professional grade bulk mixers can mix up to 120 liters of concrete in as little as six minutes. We also have sicoma concrete mixer for sale.

What’s the power source?
Concrete mixers come in three varieties: those powered by diesel, petrol-driven mixers, and electric concrete mixers. Pay close attention to the specifications of the mixer you are taking delivery of and ensure you have a sufficient supply of the correct fuel to power it, or an adequate extension cord and mains power source for the electrical variety of concrete drum mixer.

Tipping mechanism
How many people are going to be operating the mixer? Although often designed for operation by a single operator, when it comes to tipping the concrete it helps to have two operators – one to tip/ pour and one to keep a steady hold on the wheelbarrow. However, foot-operated tipping mechanisms enable a single operator to perform both tasks, so if you plan to work alone, consider a machine with a foot lever. If you want to buy small type concrete mixer, hand concrete mixer will meet your requirement.

Other considerations
How old is the machine? Wear and tear can affect the performance of a High Quality Self Loading Concrete Mixer, and modern machines are always a safer bet. Newer models may also be more durable and suited to sustained heavy duty use, and the mixing performance is also likely to be more optimal. If you are planning to leave the mixer unsecured overnight, ensure you take adequate precautions and chain it to something to deter thieves. Some models of mixer come with lockable engine compartments – a must if there is any risk of vandalism on site.

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