The Difference Between Single Girder Overhead Crane And Underslung Overhead Crane

When people are looking at different cranes that they can purchase, there is often a confusion as to whether or not they have selected the right one. There are two cranes in particular that are often mistaken for each other. These cranes are the single girder overhead crane and what is called the underslung overhead crane. Both of them are overhead cranes, installed in areas where merchandise is lifted and moved to different locations. However, the way that they operate is different, as well as the way they are installed. So let’s go over the differences, or read more in.

Single Girder Overhead Crane

This is a crane that is used for lifting relatively light merchandise. It typically never exceeds 10 tons, and although it does look like a bridge crane, because of the way that both ends are connected to a metal support structure, it is only used in smaller areas. For instance, if you have a workstation, workshop, or a small warehouse, these can be used to lift and move products that you have. The lifting mechanism is going to be a pulley, attached to a trolley, giving you extra mobility.


Underslung Overhead Crane

These cranes are very similar in appearance to the single girder overhead crane, but with some distinct differences. For example, it is a traveling crane which means that there is going to be a trolley that will allow the merchandise to move back and forth. It will also be attached to either side (Lado) of the building. They are designed for small spaces just like the previous crane, and is perfect for areas that are quite compact. One of the main differences is the amount of weight that it can lift, usually maxed at a tons, and also how the traveling crane works. With the single girder overhead crane, the mechanism for transit is going to be beneath, whereas the underslung overhead crane is going to travel with the pulley wrapped around the beam itself. Some people prefer this because it seems to provide more stability, especially when lifting heavier objects, and that is the primary difference between these two cranes that are so popular.

Which One Should You Choose?

If you are going to install this crane at your facility (Facilidad), it depends on how much weight you are going to be lifting and how often. If you are going to lift weights of up to 20 tons, which a single girder overhead crane can handle, this is going to be the one that you will want to choose. If you are going to move a substantial number of products at your facility, you will probably want to go with the underslung overhead crane because it is much faster in regard to lifting, lowering, and moving from side to side. Therefore, if speed is your primary focus, and you are not lifting very heavy items, then you should certainly consider this one over the other.

Choosing the right crane can be difficult. You need to know that you have made the right choice (Opcion). Once it is installed, it is going to be difficult to simply remove and replace. These cranes can cost a substantial amount of money, so make sure that you consider all of these options when you are selecting one of them. It will ensure that you will have the right one for your factory or warehouse that will help you improve your production levels.

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