How Much Does A Planetary Winch Typically Cost?

One of the best winches that you can invest in is called a planetary Winch. These are very similar to a worm gear winch, but there are subtle differences. As you look at the many that are available, you will see that they have many different specifications. They can be very small, barely able to pull a single ton of weight, whereas there are other ones that are much larger that will be much more costly. If you are interested in finding a planetary winch for your business, this is how to evaluate the ones that you find.

Reasons To Invest In A Planetary Winch

The first reason that you should consider getting one is that they are extremely durable. They are often described as having rugged dependability. They can pull as much as 30,000 pounds or about 15 tons of weight. They are similar to worm gear winches which are easy to install, trouble-free in most cases, and have been used for decades by businesses around the world. They have the ability to pull even more weight, sometimes in excess of 30 tons. However, these are much larger, ones that will require additional stability in order to ensure that they will remain stable as you are pulling massive amounts of weight with them.

Planetary Winch For Sale
Planetary Winch For Sale

Why Is A Worm Gear Winch Better Than Most Others?

Worm gear winches are designed in a very specific way. It is their ability to twist which allows them to have more power. That is also why they are more dependable. When you are using a standard winch, whether you have one or two drums, you still have the possibility of running into problems because of the way they are designed. A worm gear winch, if it is rated to pull a specific amount of weight, will always be able to do so. There will also be less maintenance with them. It is their unique design that motivates people to purchase them for all different reasons including towing, recovery, and other jobs that will require a substantial amount of power.

Electric Planetary Winch
Electric Planetary Winch

Where Can You Locate Planetary Winches For Sale?

Planetary winches tend to be some of the best in the industry for several reasons. One of those is there availability. You can search online for them, and within the span of minutes, find multiple businesses that sell them where you can request quotes. It is recommended that you evaluate them based upon their power, the motors they use, and the type of cable or chains that will be utilized with these machines. Finally, if you can find feedback from customers that have purchase from them before, this can serve as a guideline as to which business will offer you the best product and the lowest cost when you make your purchase. Learn more via

A typical planetary winch will cost several thousand dollars for the smaller ones, and tens of thousands of dollars for the larger models. The more power that they have, and the larger that they are, the more expensive they will be. However, you can save so much money by purchasing from businesses that operate in countries where there cost of production is far lower than the one you are in. Keep all of these factors in mind as you are making your decision to purchase one of these winches that will allow you to save a lot of money.

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