The Enduring Popularity Of Ferris Wheels

ferris wheel

It seems that every city that wants to make its mark on the global tourist trade is today either erecting or has erected a Ferris Wheel. As these wheels grow ever higher (The Singapore Flyer is 165m’s / 540+ feet high) it is worth exploring just why these rides have continued to be one of the most popular at parks and other venues. Check to know more about Beston group:

Unlike many rides which provide adrenaline filled thrills, a Ferris wheel for sale in Nigeria many amusement rides manufacturer such as Beston Company provides something a little more sedate, but undoubtedly exciting. there is something about soaring up towards the heavens and peering down at the ant-like masses below that appeals to a wide audience segment.

ferris wheel
Beston 20m Ferris Wheel Ride

This could be one of the reasons that park operators remain enthusiastic about Ferris wheels. They appeal to both young and old. in fact it is this appeal to a broad demo=graphic that makes Ferris Wheels some of the most profitable rides. For many other attractions in parks, there are often limits to who can enjoy the attractions.

small ferris wheel
Beston 5m Kids Ferris Wheel Ride for Sale

The famous ‘you must be this high to ride’ signs are still a feature of the rides found at fairs and parks. this limits the profitability of many of these rides. For families, the joy of visiting a park or fair is the fact that they can enjoy many of the attractions as a family unit. Excluding a member of the family due to safety concerns will often lead the entire family unit to move on to another ride.

This is the beauty of the Ferris Wheel. It does not exclude any family member – at least when it comes to the more modern iterations of the attractions. And some of the latest versions are very high tech indeed. For instance, the Singapore Flyer mentioned previously is not only the highest Ferris Wheel in the world but has been designed specifically to appeal to the largest demographic possible.

The gondolas have been placed on the outside rim of the wheel and each is fully enclosed and air-conditioned. This gives clientele the opportunity to enjoy unrivaled views over the city while enjoying a comfortable and safe experience. Check Beston 5m to 120m ferris wheels here:

However, even the classic Ferris wheel that is still part of many traveling fairs has its attractions – possibly because of the nostalgia associated with these iconic rides. But nostalgia aside there is a certain thrill to enjoying an open-air Ferris Wheel that cannot be matched by the latest high tech versions. There is an element of freedom in the simplicity of that experience.

Of course for the operator of a fair or park, especially those which travel from destination to destination the idea of being able to assemble and disassemble a Ferris wheel in a relatively short period of time only adds to their attraction as an investment.

Ferris Wheels will continue to be popular with both visitors to parks and fairs and operators for a variety of reasons. these rides have endured for decades and there is no reason to believe that they will not be around in some form or another for many more decades to come.

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