Three Reasons Why You Need A Trolley Double Girder Overhead Crane For Lifting

When it comes to overhead cranes, there are two basic styles available. Single girder cranes have one beam that runs between the side of the building or the legs on the end of the crane. With these cranes, the trolley is attached directly to the beam.

Double girder cranes, on the other hand, have two beams that run parallel to one another. In most cases, the trolley is mounted between these beams, helping to distribute the weight of the load across both beams. Here are some of the top reasons why you need a trolley double girder overhead crane for lifting heavy loads at your place of business:

1. Extreme load capacity. Double girder cranes are designed for lifting extremely heavy loads. Because the weight is distributed between two beams instead of a single beam, they generally have a much higher load capacity than single girder cranes. This makes them a good choice for any situation where you need to lift and move a lot of weight.

Double girder overhead crane with trolley
Trolley Double Girder Overhead Crane

2. Higher lifting heights. The lifting hook on these cranes can be pulled up between the two girders, resulting in the highest possible lifting heights. This is ideal for situations where there is not a lot of clearance. Being able to lift the load higher means that you don’t need to leave as much room below the crane for the loads to travel.

3. Longer span capabilities. In most cases, double girder cranes are a better choice for spanning long distances than single girder cranes. Although it is possible to use a single girder crane over an extremely long distance, it usually takes a lot of engineering to make sure the crane is properly supported. Double girder cranes, on the other hand, are usually easier to install over long spans and require far less engineering. This can help keep the cost of installation as low as possible.

The only downside to double girder overhead cranes is that they tend to be a bit more expensive than their single girder counterparts. It makes sense when you think about it. After all, they have an additional girder in their design that needs to be paid for. Ellsen provides various types of trolley double girder overhead cranes with very reasonable prices and you can know better on them by checking this

If you are going to be lifting extremely heavy loads, however, the slightly higher cost of one of these cranes is well worth it. Over time, the even weight distribution will help reduce wear and tear on the beams, prolonging the life of the crane. This can help ensure that you get your money’s worth out of your investment. No matter what kind of overhead crane you need, you can just get the suitable one here

Hopefully, this list of reasons why you need a double girder overhead crane with the trolley for lifting heavy loads at your place of business has helped you understand the benefit of these cranes. They are a great choice for any applications where you need to lift an extreme amount of weight. They are also ideal for situations where you need additional ground clearance or where the crane has to span an extremely long distance.

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