Tips for Buying Buying Bumper Cars for Russia

When we need to start business on amusement parks in Russia, the first thing we should consider is which kind of amusement park rides to buy and then we should consider our budget. If the budget is limited, maybe we should choose some smaller or we can say cheap amusement park rides,but if the budget is enough, we can choose some large and interesting rides for our parks, this will attract more tourists and help us expand our business soon. But no matter what is the budget, bumper car is the first type to consider. Here are some tips for buying bumper cars by Beston Amusement Equipment.

Adults Bumper Cars for Russia

When we need to buy bumper car for sale in Russia, we should consider there are many types of bumper cars, battery bumper car and electric bumper cars, adults and kids bumper cars, ice and ground bumper cars, inflatable and fiberglass bumper cars, water and dry bumper cars.

First of all, let us analysis the battery and electric powered bumper car. Battery bumper cars are powered by some batteries, they are free to control and could be worked everywhere. But electric powered bumper cars should be placed on special floor. Battery bumper cars cost little while electric bumper cars cost more than the battery bumper cars. Because electric bumper cars needs floors which will also need some money. Bumper car is different from other large amusement park rides, like the disco rides, roller coaster or miami amusement rides for sale.

New Bumper Cars With Lights for Russia

Second, we should consider the age groups we are going to entertainment. If the park is near to kindergarten or school, we may need some kids bumper cars. Kids and adults bumper cars are different, there are many kids bumper cars models, but adults bumper cars always comes in the same design. Kids bumper cars are more attractive.

Third, ice and ground bumper cars. Ice bumper cars means bumper car could work on the ice. They always equipped with anti – skid device to deal with the condition. But ground bumper car more popular than the ice bumper cars.

Inflatable Bumper Cars for Russia Customers

Last but not the least, let talk about water and dry bumper cars. Water bumper cars, also called bumper boats, they can be ride on the water which is a little different from the dry bumper cars.

Okay, that’s my tips for choosing bumper car for your parks in Russia, hope you can benefit from this post, one more word, you can get new bumper cars from But if you want to get more information about other different kinds of amusement park rides, you can click

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